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Memon Times Issue of June 2024

All India Memon Jamat Federation Courtesy Meet ON 01-05-24

Memon community requests for a 'Danga-Mukt' Maharashtra

On 01/05/2024, a Delegation of 120 members from various beliefs, sects viz Memon, Kokni, Vohra, Patel, Bori, Gujrati, Parsi including prominent businessman and bureaucrats from Surat, Mumbai and maharashtra headed by Mr Mr Iqbal Memon Officer (President – All India Memon Jamat Federation) met Shri Eknath Shinde Saheb (Hon’ble Chief Minister – Maharashtra State) at his official residence Varsha Bunglow, Malabar Hill, Mumbai.
Mr Iqbal Memon Officer appraised the CM Saheb about the Memon Community and its richness. Dada Abdullah was the Memon who hired Mahatma Gandhi for his legal matters in Durban SA, where he inspired and formed The NIC (Natal Indian Congress) the Indian Congresses was established in 1894to fight discrimination against Indian traders in Natal.


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